Tackle Your Quilt WIPs

Do you have what many quilters call the "WIP pile of shame"? Well, I want to encourage you because I always have at least 15-30 quilt WIPs (works in progress) going at once! And, something I've learned is that quilt WIPs are such a great way to learn what captures our attention, what holds us back, how we enjoy to make, and what parts are worth skipping over. But, they should never be a source of shame. So, I've written and compiled the following blog posts to help you navigate your WIP pile with JOY instead of shame.

You Should Have Multiple WIPs

5 Reasons Why

From creating rhythms to sewing more to actually finishing quilts, these are 5 reasons I love having multiple quilts on the go.

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Chaos and Order
Walking the WIP Tightrope

When things feel like they're in chaos, I find that is the perfect time for going through my quilty works in progress (WIPs).

Pick the Quilt WIP

Closest to Finishing

When your quilty works in progress (WIPs) start to overwhelm you, choose the easiest-to-finish quilt, and take it across the line! Easy progress is a great motivation boost for making further progress.

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Do a WIP Stocktake for
Easy Progress

Whenever I want to feel easy progress, I do a big WIP stocktake, take note of what each WIP (work in progress) needs, and then choose which step I feel like doing next.


WIP Tracking Toolkit!

Having multiple works in progress (WIPs) is one of the great joys of quilting! But, WIPs can become unruly, so I've created a WIP tracking toolkit to help you!

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EPP Hexie Banner

You'll love this small, beginner EPP project. Enter your details below and I'll send you the complete pattern, including printable templates, colour photos, and EPP tutorial.

Facing the WIP Dragons

Do you find yourself avoiding your quilts in progress? Do they make you feel silly that you started? Read on to discover my trick for facing your WIP Dragons.

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How to Rescue
A Quilt You Hate

What do you do when you've started that beautiful EPP quilt, layout a bunch of blocks, and suddenly realize you hate it?

5 Ways

to Keep Your Momentum Going

If you're a machine quilter that suddenly takes up hand sewing, the progress can feel discouraging. But, in this post I share 5 ways to enjoy the slower pace of English Paper Piecing, while continuing to make progress.

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Simple, Beautiful Hexagons

There's a reason hexagons have been the cornerstone of EPP quilts for generations. They're easy to sew with, look beautiful, and offer a huge array tiling patterns. I've chosen my three favourite hexagon designs, made a timeless and easy quilt for each, and bundled them together in this PDF pattern.

Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern
Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern

Small Change Quilts PDF Pattern

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New Updated Pattern!

Three hexie quilt patterns in one! Inspired by the popular hexagon quilt designs of the 1930s, the Small Change quilts include all the fun and beauty of hexagon blocks, without the sometimes tricky, and always long job of sewing the blocks together! Just applique the blocks onto background squares/rectangles and machine sew to finish!

Named after old imperial coins, Florin, Tuppence, and Haypenny are perfect for using little bits of your favourite prints, or for scrap busting.

Finished quilt sizes:

  • Florin (small hexie flowers): 50" square
  • Tuppence (large hexie flowers): 60" square
  • Haypenny (hexie diamonds): 56" x 60"

This PDF Pattern includes:

  • beginner EPP and applique tutorial
  • shape and fabric requirements
  • clear instructions and diagrams
  • colouring pages of each quilt for planning
  • printable hexagon templates

You'll receive your download link immediately after purchase.

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