The Seedling Quilts

I can't garden, but I sure can quilt! I designed these quilts as my own kind of beautiful garden, full of refreshing, calming, and healing medicinal herbs, perfect for this chaotic modern life.

The Seedling Quilts are a series of quilts inspired by medicinal herbs. Each design can be made into its own quilt or made into small panels that are then machine sewn together in a log cabin style quilt to make a beautiful English paper pieced (EPP) and applique sampler quilt. The patterns for each quilt are in my book, The Seedling Quilts, which can be found here. You can find all the stories behind each herb below!

bloom where you are like

Myrtle Quilt

The first quilt in my book is inspired by the history of myrtles blooming in desert places, and my personal discovery of beauty in a the desert.

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Caraway Quilt

Historically used to keep chickens from escaping their coops, Caraway Quilt reminded me that I, too, could stay in place long enough to see new life bud.

happy and easy

Peppermint Quilt

Simply choose a feature print, add coordinating basic fabrics, and stitch away happily!

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Yarrow Quilt

A quilt for bringing order into the chaos that is the modern life.

room to grow in

Honeysuckle Quilt

Complete all of the vines or leave one shorter than the rest, like I did, giving it room to grow.

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Feverfew Quilt

A quilted prayer for healing after a long winter of illness.


Elderberry Quilt

Spark your creative spirit with this creative use of English paper piecing, applique, and color!

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Cornflower Quilt

Inspired by ancient Arabic tiling designs, this quilt is the perfect mix of scrappy and orderly. We have kits in the shop for this one, too!

Make your own

Rosemary Quilt

A quilt for remembering the good even when it's hard.

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Lavender Quilt

A quilt that's like waking up from a long, good night's sleep and finding joy in the morning.

Plant your own

Seedlings Quilt

A quilted garden featuring all of the quilts in the book in a log cabin style sampler. We have kits for this one so you can "plant" your own!

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