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full Seedlings quilt

According to ancient Hebrew tradition, once God had finished creating the universe, the world, the oceans and trees, he gave Adam a family and a garden. I’ve spent most of my life wanting much more than these. I wanted meaning and expression, recognition and adventure. I believed having my own little plot for creating order, and a bunch of little people to share it with, was too mundane, achieved too little. 

Getting Better at Small Things

But in the last 2 years, our life has shrunk down to these two little things. Making my home a place of colour and peace, and taking responsibility for my family. I’m not leading teams of people or rallying for a cause or changing the world in some splashy way. I’m just looking after my little corner. And, it’s nice. It's nice because I’m getting much better at it, and because I failed constantly when I tried to do things that were way bigger than me.

Seedlings draped

My Own Quilted Garden

And so, finally, I get to share with you my special garden. It's my colourful collection of joy and peace and healing and hope. I’ve always been terrible at real gardening, but this is a garden I can make and enjoy. (I've shared why patchwork is better than gardening in this post.) 

This is Seedlings Quilt. It's a sampler quilt made of all the designs in my book, The Seedling Quilts, but in small panels machine sewn together in a log cabin style to make a beautiful, EPP and applique quilt. 

closeup of Seedlings

Want to make your own Seedlings sampler quilt?

Grab a copy of my book on Amazon, and the paper pieces and acrylic templates in the shop below!

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  • ka

    You should reissue with comments and herbal notes. I’d love to read it complete.

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