Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to browse to my little home in the ether! I'm Jodi, the messy, creative heart behind Tales of Cloth! I work from home in my studio in Orange, Australia, usually with a red pup keeping my toes warm, a coffee on my desk, and a crime novel in my headphones. I love, love, love English Paper Piecing! I hope that comes through in every corner of this shop. I love that I can do it anywhere, I love working with my hands, I love that it stops them scrolling, and that the quiet or waiting moments are now spent making something beautiful and useful and warm. What a gift! 

Some things to know about my shop:

All orders are cut and shipped by Cut Once Templates in Melbourne, Australia. I used to do all the laser cutting myself, but I outsourced that part of my business to free up time to the parts I love most. It's been a partnership made in heaven! Cut Once are quick, accurate, and have made my paper kits even more beautiful. 

Since outsourcing, I've shrunk my inventory from selling almost every shape under the sun, to just my most popular kits. This keeps costs down, and everything running smoothly.