Hexie Harvest Quilt Club 2023

What is it?

Every year or two, Tales of Cloth runs a HUGE quilt club, with makers joining in from all over the world! In 2023, Hexie Harvest, from the e-book The Hexie Handbook, will make its club debut. Kits are now permanently in the shop, which means you can join us any time! You can sign up for the free club emails here and join the Facebook Group here!

Hexie Harvest is a 3” hexagon sampler quilt made of 15 different blocks, 7 of each. Some are as simple as a plain hexagon (perfect for fun critters or beautiful florals) and others are more complex, and I’ve spread them out over 8 months, stitching blocks from February to September 2023, and finishing up the quilt in October, to give variety and build confidence.

Featuring a monthly club email chocka-block with inspiration from the #hexieharvestquilt hashtag, tips on using your stash, choosing colours, cutting efficiently, planning your making time, and PRIZES, we’ll make 14 blocks a month (if keeping to a schedule is your jam - there’s absolutely no pressure to follow the program!) and come away with beautiful quilts and a wealth of experience and quilty know-how.

What do I need?

Club Program

(beautiful blocks by Lucy Bath):

25th November- 5th December: Hexie Harvest Kits available in the Tales of Cloth Shop.

February: Kick off the club with Mistletoe and Rosemallow Blocks

March: Cedar and Nutmeg

April: Aster and Kindling (complete 3" hexagon)

May: Valentina and Caspian

June: Lilly Pilly and Honeydew

July: Winter Jasmine and Juniper

August: Macadamia, Cinnamon, Sandalwood


 September: Catch up, triangles, half blocks, edges

October: Quilt Tops and finish.


Frequently asked Questions?

How do I sign up for the club?

If you purchased either the Hexie Harvest EPP kit, acrylic templates, and/or the Hexie Handbook between Nov 25 and Dec 5, you’ll automatically be signed up to the Hexie Harvest club email. If you missed out, you can still sign up for emails here.

Can I join in if I’ve bought the kit or e-book before?

Absolutely! Simply sign up to the emails here or via the button above.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship everywhere, with tracking.

Is this club suitable for beginners?

Yes! The club newsletters will include everything you need to get started from scratch. Some experience with quilting, and using fabric and regular quilting tools will be helpful, but not necessary.

Do I make the quilt with the hexagon points up, or flat side up?

It's up to you! The version without triangles is square. The version with triangles is almost square. 

What are the fabric requirements for the triangles? 

1 1/2 yards.

Do I have to EPP or buy the kit?

No, if you prefer to hand-piece, you can use the acrylic templates. If you prefer to make your own papers, there are printable templates in the back of the e-book. (We’re in the process of updating this section to include whole pages of single shapes, and make it usable for cricut cutters. If you buy the Hexie Handbook, you will automatically be emailed future updates!)

Will you sell acrylic templates individually?

No, sorry! Due to the huge restructuring of our manufacturing process, we can only offer them as a set. Check out the Hexie Harvest Quilt listing to see the list of acrylic templates included, so you can decide whether to dive in and get the whole lot, or make do with what you have. :)

Where’s the pattern for the version with triangles?

I’ll be including the pattern for the triangles addition in the club newsletter, and updating the Hexie Handbook in 2023. Anyone who purchases the Ebook, or already has it, will automatically be sent any future updates.



Each month I'll send out a club newsletter and link it here!

Welcome Email and printable templates

Missing 1 1/2" Half hex template sheet from previous email.

HHQC #1 - Rosemallow & Mistletoe

HHQC #2 - Cedar & Nutmeg

HHQC #3 - Kindling & Aster

HHQC #4 - Valentina & Caspian

HHQC #5 - Honeydew & Lilly Pilly

HHQC #6 - Winter Jasmine and Juniper

HHQC #7 - Sandalwood, Macadamia, and Cinnamon

HHQC#8 - Catch up and Half blocks

HHQC #9 - Joining Triangles and Quilt Top

Final Newsletter and Updated Hexie Handbook