The Updated Hexie Handbook - One Handbook, 16 Hexagon Quilt Patterns

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A while ago, while quilting my Kindling Quilt below,  I suddenly realised a connection with it and lots of other quilts I'd made. Many of the blocks finished as 3” hexagons, and I sewed them together in the same hexagon grid format. This got me thinking. What if, instead of making a single hexagon pattern for Kindling, I created the hexagon quilt pattern to cover all hexagon quilt patterns?! And so, the Hexie Handbook was born.

Kindling quilt

The Hexie Handbook is Born

I spent a magical month or so researching traditional quilt patterns, playing with shapes, drawing up ideas on my computer, and narrowing them down to my favourite 15 hexagon quilt blocks. Instead of just making a sampler quilt with these blocks (though, there is 1 stunning sampler quilt included!), I drew up 15 quilts, one for each block. Repeating blocks are my favourite, and the quilts in this book arejust beautiful!  With the sampler, Hexie Harvest, there are 16 quilt designs in total, each with their own colouring sheet, diagrams and fabric requirements.

The most exciting part is that since the original release of this handbook, we've updated it to include an optional layout that uses triangles as spacers between the blocks. This new alternate layout makes the quilt finish slightly larger, while using the same number of hexagon blocks, and it gives each of the blocks a bit of space so that they really shine.

Hexie Harvest blocks
Valentina Quilt
Cinnamon Quilt

So many possibilities!

Can you believe all of these hexagon quilts follow the same basic pattern? So many possibilities! And for those who want to bring their own hexagon quilt designs to the table, or make your quilts larger or smaller, The Hexie Handbook features an entire section on how the different shapes work and tile together, how to adjust designs if you wish, and how to work out shape and fabric requirements for your quilt.

Caspian quilt

Finally, the sampler hexagon quilt - Hexie Harvest is the perfect quilt for tasting all 15 blocks. If you're anything like me, you'll love just making 7 of each block before moving onto the next one. Better than having to get your head around new instructions for every single block, better than needing to make 100 and getting bored after 10!

Want to make your own hexagon quilt from the Hexie Handbook?

There is truly something for everyone in the Hexie Handbook! We have kits for several of the quilts, including Hexie Harvest, as well as the optional setting triangles, which are sold separately from the kit to give you the most customization possible. You can shop all of it below, but the question really is, which one will you choose?

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