Florin Quilt - An EPP Hexie Flower Quilt in 5 Ways

Let me count the ways

Every time I think I've made my last Florin Quilt, a simple EPP hexie flower quilt design, appliqued to background squares, I come up with another way of colouring it in that I just can't let go! 

Here are the 5 different versions I've made, all in one place, so you can be inspired to make your own!

1. Vintage Winter

For my first version, I used a few prints by Rifle Paper Co to inspire a colour palette that feels like hexie quilts of old. There are blacks and forest greens, golds and reds, on top of a calico-coloured background fabric that gives it a real late 1800s vibe, but with modern prints. I cut 7 hexagons of each print, used 6 of them for petals, and 1 for the centre of another flower. 

The background is an unbleached cotton with tiny pink plusses by Ruby Star Society. 

2. Scrappy on White

For this version, I dove into my scraps, cutting at random, and then organised the basted hexagons by colour. I used a navy or black centre for each flower, and then sewed the colourful petals around it. I decided to not be fussy with how close the colours were to each other, and I love how it adds to the light and shadow, just like flowers in a garden. I used scrappy, low volume prints for the backgrounds. 

This quilt has been designated our family picnic rug, which really just means that the kids know they can take it outside or down to the park without asking. That makes it the most used quilt in our house, and it still looks beautiful.

3. Peachy on Blue

This quilt happened completely by accident! I bought this blue to make the next version of Florin, and when it arrived, it was much more blue than aqua. So while I waited for another print to arrive, I got out my pretty pinks, peaches, whites and light yellows to make these scrappy posies. 

4. Green Showpiece

When we decided to sell the house in the photo and move closer to family, I wanted to make a quilt that you would see as soon as you walked through the front door. I love scrappy quilts, but when I hung them up on this Ikea curtain wire, they were too busy. So I used the colouring sheet in the Small Change Quilts pattern to design this simple quilt that looks more graphic than garden, and helped draw the different parts of this large room together.

5. Crochet Rug Vibes

For this most recent version of Florin, I really wanted the warm, all-in vibe of a scrappy crochet granny square rug. I decided to make three-colour blocks: one colour/fabric for the background, one for the petals, and one for the center of the flower. I used mostly basics (fabrics that read as one colour) but I'm really glad I also included some gingham for backgrounds because they pop out to me, and I love that they draw my attention. 

Ready to make your own EPP hexie quilt?

Even though it's so simple, Florin Quilt has become one of my favourite quilts to make. The EPP Hexie flowers are easy and portable, and the background squares make them really quick to finish. Florin is one of three different EPP Hexie Quilts in the Small Change Quilts Pattern, available below. Grab your copy now!

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