Ice-Cream Soda

Blossom tutorial

Late last year, I announced my first English Paper Piecing Quilt club over on Instagram! I wanted to create a quilt that was easy to make in small doses over a period of a year, and helped me dive into the depths of my scrap buckets - especially my strips of fabric scraps. And English Paper Pieced Star Blossom like this one may not seem the most obvious way to use scraps, but as you'll see in my tutorial below, this quilt is perfect for them! I'll be opening the subscription to the Ice-Cream Soda Club (Can we call ourselves Club Soda??!) on February 3rd, 2017, with Paper only and scrap fabric subscriptions available.

If you were one of the lucky folk who claimed a free Soda Blossom sample, follow the tutorial below to make your two blossoms, share them on Instagram or Facebook during the first week of February and tag me @talesofcloth and #icecreamsodaquilt to get the first month of the club free!

You will need (per block):

(3) Fabric strips at least 1 1/2" wide (for the 1" diamonds) and 2 1/4" wide for the Kite and Crowns.

(6) 1" diamond, 1" Kite, and 2" Crown Paper Pieces.

Scissors, thread, long, sharp sewing needles (I use Bohin Milliners)

Glue for basting (if you glue baste - see my basting tutorial here for a discussion about basting options - the comments are also helpful!)

Prepare your pieces

1. If you're using scraps like I did, search around for 3 strips for each block that co-ordinate well together and fit on either side of the paper templates with at least a 3/8" seam allowance.

2. Cut along the strips, using the paper pieces as a guide, adding a 3/8" seam allowance on all side. (TIP! Cut the rectangles for the crowns at 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and only use half a Width of Fabric. Then, if your strip is a whole WOF, you can use the second half next time.)

3. Baste the fabric to the paper pieces using your prefered basting method.









Stitch your blossoms

1. Starting with the 1" diamonds, arrange them to make half a star. Take the two diamonds on the left, place them right sides together, and starting at the wide angle, sew 3 stitches to anchor the thread.

2. Whip stitch along the diamonds until you get to the point. Open the shapes out, add the third diamond over the diamond on the right, right sides together, and stitch from the point to the wide angle. Stitch 3 times to anchor the thread. You should now have half a star.

3. Repeat with the 3 remaining diamonds to make the other star half.

4. Place the two halves right sides together and stitch along the long, straight edge to complete your star.



5. Next add the kites. I find it easier if I star in a corner of the star rather than on a point - the pieces are stiffer there. Stitch the kites around the star, anchoring the thread as you begin and end a length of thread.





6. Stitch the crowns around the star next to complete your blossom!





I can't wait to your beautiful blossoms (and our scrap piles shrink before our very eyes!) Follow me on Instagram or Facebook below to hear when the club starts up!

Jodi. xx